Enjoy Your Favourite Foods Again with Bone Grafts in Williams Lake

What is Bone Grafting?
When teeth are missing the underlying bone begins to deteriorate causing bone atrophy or reabsorption. When bone atrophy occurs, it becomes difficult for the mouth to properly accommodate dentures or dental implants because a strong foundation is not there. Patients who have experienced bone reabsorption may need to undergo a bone graft surgical procedure to rebuild the missing bone and promote regrowth.

Bone used in bone grafting can be taken from various locations on the body (Autogenous), or other external sources such as cadaver (Allogenic) or non-living animals such as cows (Xenogeneic). There are non-living bone graft substitutes made from synthetic materials and real bone.

Speak with your dentist about whether bone grafting is good choice for your dental needs.
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